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The office at Magal Associates was established in the 1930’s, although the firm itself was established in 1923. The office building is endowed with an excellent natural habitat, including Coconut, Mango and other fruits bearing trees in the Orchard On-site. The premise is affectionately called the “Best Farm-House” in the center of Hyderabad city by some of our clients. The habitat here attracts various migratory birds (such as Eurasian Oriole) from as far as Eurasian regions. This is one of the few places for an office where one can tell time of the day by the type of the bird song. Early morning one can hear the Cuckoos, Parrots and the Bulbuls. At noon one can hear Mynas and the Eurasian Oriole. Past 5 p.m., one may hear a variety of Fly catchers and other small birds ethnic to the region returning to their homes. An occasional visitor is the endangered Indian Pittah.

The philosophy of design here rests on “Excellence by design”, based on integrity, honesty, value- engineering and safety.

Architecture here is a responsibility of designing the built environment taking into consideration the Health, Safety and well being of the end users. The design must have a sense of style that transcends time and hopefully not out of place even in different cultural contexts. Ultimately the culture of a society may be judged by the Architecture it produces and it shows how well the Architects within it design the built environment. The building itself has been a Green building since 1930’s. The entire office Interior does not need artificial lighting during the day and more than 50% of the storm water run-off from the site and the building roof top is harvested for Gardening. Also a significant amount of plant and tree waste is used as compost to sustain the trees and plants on-site.

Last but certainly not the least the people at Magal Associates are carefully associated with the firm from the best Institutes of India and get trained to work on projects of National and International significance. The office attracts student interns from length and breadth of the country, including the North-East, North-West, Central and southern regions of India. Also the senior Associates of the firm are veterans in the field and have contributed to the profession with decades of experience behind them. However the firm is open to ideas from its Associates, Assistants and interns across the board as well as Magal Associates believes that “Age doesn’t always bring in experience and youth doesn’t always bring in innovation”. We carefully listen to our clients and work with them to get the best out of their budget and resources for the benefit of the project.

Magal Associates has been at the forefront of incorporating new technology in its practice, beginning with the use of the “Slide Rule” in the 1960’s to the use of the “Texas Instruments” calculators in 1970’s. Today the company uses licensed software’s like “Autocad” from Autodesk and “Struds” from Softech Engineers Pvt. Ltd., both leaders in Architectural and Structural Engineering software, respectively.

The standard operating tools which are industry benchmarks, in addition to an efficient network of computers are available in the office. Being one of the first in the country to have its own A0 plotters, the company does not hesitate to step up to the available technological upgrades.

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